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Won the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) PRO (Professional Card) bodybuilding championship. Off the stage, she is a fitness instructor and posing teacher for online courses. In addition, she is also the co-founder of STEP X gym! For the 30 seconds on the bodybuilding stage, Alisa trained according to the schedule day after day and pursued her ideal body with a high degree of self-discipline. When I first met Alisa, she had a petite body with huge muscles and a cute girly heart hidden under the professional sportswear. The following is a close interview with Alisa by [Sports Girl Intro] to help you get to know her better: >> MAY LIU: "If you feel you can break through the resistance, the result will be yours." Find a sense of belonging from the community, and your own experience inspires hundreds of thousands of women! >>Jessica: "The more you understand, the more confident and confident you will become." What are the hidden skills of practicing four times a week to create beauty from the inside out? WH: With an engineering background, will your training be more scientific? Alisa: "It has nothing to do with engineering. To be honest, the techniques and training methods are different every year. Maybe a long time ago, you had to stand shoulder-width apart to do an action, but in fact, everyone's structure is different, and there is more than one correct training method. The best answer. Fitness information is updated every year. I want to say that there is no right or wrong way to do training, because everyone’s body structure is different.” Later, I fell into the trap because of my brother and decided to give it a try. If you don’t like it, don’t continue. She flew overseas to the Philippines to participate in the WNBF in her first competition. "It happened to be that competition that allowed me to win the championship and get my professional card. The results in the first competition inspired my interest in bodybuilding." Alisa said. The bodybuilding competition includes: traditional bodybuilding, classical bodybuilding, bikini, bodybuilding... Girls' bodybuilding is divided into women's bikini and women's figure. Alisa is good at women's bikini. After she started practicing bodybuilding, she discovered that everything during the preparation period was very important: "You need to have a stable daily routine, otherwise you will be very tired. Rather than getting a name, you need to have clear goals, from training to diet to aerobic to posing to stage. , you must adjust your mentality, self-confidence is very important.” Regarding dietary advice, Alisa said that everyone’s body reaction is different, and this question is also commonly asked: “Currently, during non-competition preparations, I still maintain 120g of protein a day, high-protein drinks, yogurt, and fish. I like eating beef very much. As for carbohydrates, my digestive system responds very well to carbohydrates, so most girls don’t dare to eat them. I eat a lot of carbohydrates myself, I should have more than a certain amount, about 200-300 grams of carbohydrates. There is no right or wrong diet, only whether it is suitable or not. For example, some people are suitable for a deep copper diet, some are suitable for a carbon cycle, and some are suitable for a high-low-carb diet. "

In the process of pursuing health and physical fitness, as the amount of exercise increases and the intensity increases, some common sports injuries may occur, usually caused by incorrect postures or movements, such as excessive use of machine training or improper weights that lead to muscle overstretching. and sprains, or even subsequent muscle fatigue that can cause pain and soreness. In addition, overtraining muscles and joints without adequate warm-up and stretching will increase the possibility of injury. So many people talk about wanting to reduce injuries during exercise. Can functional fitness clothes really help? Wear functional fitness clothes to reduce sports injuries The design of functional fitness clothing can actually provide pressure support during exercise, correct posture during the process, improve muscle coordination and joint stability, and reduce muscle shaking and energy consumption, especially for weight training and high-intensity exercise, the use of functional fitness clothing Feeling has a relatively strong effect. In addition, functional fitness clothes can accelerate body heating, allowing athletes to enter training status faster, especially in cold weather or during stretching time before and after exercise, preventing muscle stiffness, and can also help the body stretch more comfortably; and wear well-fitting fitness clothes to show The advantage of body shape can also remind athletes to focus on fitness goals and stimulate greater motivation. How to choose functional fitness clothes? When boys exercise, they usually want to enhance muscle strength and hypertrophy, help train their shoulders, chest, back, and arms to develop obvious muscle lines, and even hope to have a bursting effect. However, it is worth noting that when exercising, you need to choose something that fits well but is not tight. Don’t wear fitness clothes that are too tight for a long time just because you want to adjust your posture, causing discomfort. So how should you choose? Fitness coach Liao Jinneng (Coach An), who has been invited to share fitness information on many programs and media magazines, explained that when doing heavy training or training with mechanical equipment, wearing suitable sportswear and sports assistive devices will effectively help "prevent sports injuries." Among them, choose functional fitness clothes with good coverage, breathability, comfort and good elasticity, which can cover muscles to prevent shaking and reduce ligament strain. Also, pay attention to quick moisture absorption and perspiration, so that you will not feel stuffy when sweating during a lot of exercise. In terms of fabric selection, you can choose medical-grade cellulite-absorbing fabric, which is breathable and comfortable and can help pressurize and shrink the beer belly that is common in men. Coach An also shared that in order for boys to achieve the goal of having a tall chest and a raised buttocks, they can do pulleys to exercise the latissimus muscles and scapula muscles, stand shoulder presses to train shoulder lines, and squats and deadlifts to exercise the lower body leg muscles. If you wear functional fitness clothes and leggings during these movements, it will be better to shape your body by relying on the inward pressure design. For example, when pulling down with a pulley, wear a functional model with double-layer compression of the shoulder blades. The additional force can help lift the shoulder blades, cover the shoulder and psoas muscles, avoid muscle shaking, and also protect the muscles from excessive strain; at the same time, choose a pair of elastic ones on the back. The design of the spiral steel bar can support the lumbar spine, tighten the dorsal, abdominal and lumbar muscles, remind the back to be straight and avoid flashing due to incorrect use of waist force when pulling down, and can also increase the limit of exercise, and can also be added with a training belt As an assistive device, it helps to stabilize the core training and find the correct position of exertion, so as to achieve "core stability and limb exertion". If you have a lumbar spine injury, daily wear can also strengthen the waist support and help balance the force. Many people exercise to lose weight. Coach An mentioned that the rule of burning fat is to exercise the lower body muscles, because the lower body muscles account for 60%. Doing squats, deadlifts or leg machines can also help office workers who sit and stand for a long time to improve edema. , poor circulation, and varicose veins, the functional slimming leg sleeves will have a multiplier effect. Choosing slimming leg sleeves with an inward compression and shaping design can quickly eliminate lactic acid and reduce soreness during exercise. It can also protect the calf muscle groups, effectively support, protect and increase muscles. For squats, deadlifts, and heavy weight training, you can also choose the aforementioned functional clothing to assist muscle endurance and shock absorption. Should I wear sleeved or sleeveless styles when doing these exercises? In fact, you can choose vest-type fitness training clothing. Since it does not restrict hand movements, it is more suitable for training upper body movements. When training for weight training in the gym, it is important to prepare a training plan and goals, discuss the class schedule with the coach, wear appropriate functional fitness clothes, and always pay attention to the exertion parts of the equipment and the acceptable weight and proceed step by step. Do not If you want to achieve the effect in a short time, you will aggravate yourself and use excessive force; don't be negligent or joke during exercise to avoid unnecessary sports injuries.

Core, which is the core muscle group, is not only the source of human body strength, but also sets the foundation for your health for decades. Therefore, no matter from the perspective of bodybuilding or health, we should train more Core, but practicing Core represents Sit What about Up, Crunch and Plank? The following article will introduce what Core is and recommend how you train Core. What are the Core Muscle Groups? Let's imagine that there is a box in the middle of our body. rectus abdominis Both sides are abdominal and internal oblique On the back are the erector spinae and gluteus maximus The box surface is a diaphragm The bottom of the box is the muscle group of the pelvic floor How to train Core In addition to Crunch and Plank, there are many first-class movements for training the Core. As long as you do the following movements only once a week, 4 Sets 8-12 Reps each time, and persevere, you can develop a strong Core! Action 1: Squat In addition to training the lower body, the entire Core muscle group is stimulated. The key is to maintain a natural S-shaped slight bend in the back, lift the chest and tighten the abdominal muscles, so that you can train Core correctly! Action 2: Deadlift Another rare core training, just like Squat, please keep your back with a natural S-shaped slight bend and use your abdominal muscles to ensure that the middle part of the body is stable. Action 3: Back Extension If you don’t know Deadlift, you can practice Back Extension first. Remember to keep your back in a natural S-shaped slight bend, not a C-shape. Action 4: Side Plank Dip This is a training for the internal and external abdominal oblique muscles. Many of my clients are afraid to do this action because they seldom practice it. The training is very difficult, and the waist is also very sore after training. However, it is difficult at the beginning, and you will gradually fall in love with it. This action, because it can bring you the mermaid line! Action 5: Cable Torso Twist This is also a training for the internal and external oblique muscles. The focus is to stabilize the hips and try to only allow the upper body to rotate.

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